The Real God Discipleship Campaign

What we believe about God is the most important thing about us.


Yet each of us has our own preconceptions, assumptions, and notions about who God is. Some of our ideas about God may be accurate * but others are distorted.


This is the driving force behind The Real God * to encourage adults, students, children, and families to go directly to the source, taking a deeper look at how God reveals himself to us in Scripture. This church-wide series  is designed to help adults, students, children, and families gain a clear, Biblical understanding of the attributes of God.


We have a busy time planned between September 9 and October 28 in our Sunday School and Worship Service as well as on-line. Don't be left out as we join together and  grow.


As a supplement to the teaching in our weekly service, on-line teaching is also available. For Access to the on-line resources, go to or click the link below. 

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