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June, 2017

The North Warren Presbyterian Community Park & Playground
Need Your Help!


The North Warren Presbyterian Community Park & Playground are located on the site of the North Warren Elementary School. The present playground was installed by the PTO in October of 1999 at the cost of $30,000.  When the school was closed in June of 2005, a group of concerned citizens assisted the Conewango Township in petitioning the Warren County School District to release the playground equipment offered by the North Warren Elementary PTO so it could remain in the community.


In May of 2007, the North Warren Presbyterian Church was given the former school property through the generous gift of a family in our congregation.  At the same time the .15 acres on which the playground stood was turned over to the Conewango Township, with the provision that it would always remain a playground for our community or be returned to the church.  In August of 2014, Conewango Township, wishing to no longer provide and maintain the playground, turned over the property and equipment to the church.  The North Warren congregation felt that the playground was an important asset to the community and should remain, despite the issues that accompany its maintenance.  Fortunately, most of what we need is provided by the church members, but occasionally a larger expenditure comes up that exceeds the church’s ability to cover that expense. That’s when we have to turn to our community and ask for help.
Now is the time to make much needed repairs and renovations to the park and playground.  The fence, gates, mats, trees, and several pieces of equipment have been broken and need to be replaced due to vandalism.  The playground mulch needs to be “topped off” and the equipment needs to be cleaned and refurbished.

Please Come and Help! Bring your garden rakes and wheelbarrows. So how can you help?  Well first, you can help us raise the $10,000 we need to make the necessary improvements.  We already have several donors who will match your gift, dollar for dollar, until we meet our goal.  You can do that by going to our website at, click on the button “Donate Now” and make a one time or a recurring donation to help with our playground projects. Just make a note in the field toward the bottom of the page that you want your donation to be used for the playground.  Donations can also be made to the North Warren Presbyterian Church by check or cash.  Your fully tax deductible financial donation will be used exclusively in the playground and park area.  Secondly, you can come help us with the first stage of our project by coming out on Saturday, June 10 starting at 9:00 AM to help us spread two tractor trailer loads of playground mulch.  A free lunch will be provided.  If you aren’t able to join us on June 10th stop by or give us a call, there will be work to be done throughout the summer.  It is our desire to maintain this well used resource for families in our neighborhood.  Please give us a helping hand!


Work Day
Saturday, June 10 starting at 9:00 am
Lunch will be provided.

In the Name of Christ



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