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We believe the Gospel - the Good News that Jesus Christ came to earth and died for our sins.


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How We Serve

From the Deacons' Desk..


Hunger has become a huge problem in our country. Many children and adults go to bed hungry every night. How many of us can say we’ve been desperately hungry?

NWPC members have helped ease the hunger crises in our community. Recently, during the 30-hour Famine appeal, followed by the Deacons request to give additional aid to the Salvation Army food pantry, you all responded with generosity. Through the year the Deacons, on your behalf, distribute ALDI’s gift certificates to individuals. Each year the need increases. People have lost their jobs, faced huge medical bills, lost their homes. Their budgets don’t "stretch" enough to buy adequate groceries. At Easter when we distributed the food boxes for the holiday ham dinner, fresh fruit was a popular "luxury" item.

In a recent USA Weekend article, by Marisol Bello, she stated "49 million Americans live in households that are at risk of hunger. That’s about 1 in 6 people. Of those 49 million, 16 million are children."

Your Deacons gave one year’s funds for six children in our area to be recipients of the Backpack program in Warren County ($128 each - $768.00 total). This insures that those six children have food to take home in their backpacks for the weekend meals. During the school week they are provided with meals also. Good food and nutrition are essential to learning and growth. Helping with the Backpack Program is a good investment for our future citizens. Our Deacon projects will continue to include providing food to the needy. Anyone in the congregation can refer individuals to:

1) Salvation Army - lunch @ noon M-F

2) Sharing Place at First Presbyterian Church - dinner at 4:30 on Thursdays

3) Second Harvest Food Pantry - call Virgil & Donna Carlson 723-4098 to be added to list.

Let’s work together and make a difference!

The Board of Deacons

Sharing Place


Thank you to the twenty six or so individuals who volunteered to serve and/or bake for the Sharing Place. The schedule has been distributed to everyone who signed up, but volunteers are always welcome.

You are all appreciated and valued, because without many volunteers NWPC could not continue to be a part of this worthwhile community project. Many needy and lonely persons are fed a nourishing home cooked style meal each Thursday. If anyone would like to substitute as a server, call the church office at 723-5060 and leave your name and phone #.


Day Care Ministry


Seven years ago in July 2007 we were involved in the Missional Church Program. As a part of the effort to be an outreach to the community we began the Day Care Ministry in conjunction with the NWPC and the NWPC Community Day

Care which is housed in the Community House. This has been a wonderful opportunity to reach out to the kids that attend the Day Care. During the school year the preschool class comes over to the church each Monday from 1:00 to 2:00 with two of their staff members in the summer it can include school age kids as well. Gloria and either Buddy or Celia then share God’s word with these kids. The kids listen to a Bible story and watch a short video of the story with a song. Activities include a corresponding coloring page and game. The kids also enjoy making music with the color coded Kid’s Play Hand Bells. A closing devotional and prayer complete this.


Community House


Our church acquired the Community House in 1982 when the North Warren Men's Club, who built the facility, ceased to exist. Since then, a Church Community House Committee has overseen the care and upkeep of the facility. We've been extremely fortunate to have had full-time tenants for almost the entire 32 years of our stewardship -- Headstart for a time, and more recently, the North Warren Presbyterian Community Day Care facility. The Church has used it for community outreach activities, especially when the weather doesn't lend itself to using the Dave Clark Pavilion. In addition, the Community House is used by our youth group and our Scout troop for recreation, is rented for anniversaries, birthday parties, a basket ball league, early spring indoor practice for youth sports teams -- there was even a rock concert or two there in the 90s, and a tradition of community sing-alongs for a time. As with any older building, stewardship requires constant vigilance, and again, we've had the excellent good fortune of some really dedicated Committee members over the years. Recently, we've accomplished some very nice upgrades with support from foundations, church members, and a lot of committee work: We installed a bathroom on the main floor and completelly replaced the 70-year-old gym floor with a new hardwood floor just over the summer. Please consider joining the Committee for this unique and wonderful way to serve the Church and the Community simultaneously!


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