Sunday Worship Services

We welcome all to come and join us as we seek to follow Jesus Christ!


Our Sunday worship services start at 11:00 am from Labor Day to Memorial Day with Sunday School for all ages  at 9:30 am.  In the summer we worship at 10:00 am but do not have Sunday School. 


Our Pastor is Rev. Buddy Ward who has been with us since 1997.


Our services are all about worshiping the Living God.


Services run a little more than an hour.


Our music is "blended" which means that we have old hymns and new hymns, and both organ as well as guitars and percussion.


We often have a coffee time after the service.


You can get a pretty good idea about our services and what we do by looking at some of our recent service bulletins which are all available below in PDF format. Take a listen to Pastor Buddy's sermons as well.


We are also stewards of the Dave Clark Picnic Pavilion and adjacent park which is available for community use.    Many groups also use the church and Community House.


Each Sunday, our pastor gives a "Junion Sermon" based on a "Faith Bag".  There is great excitement and expectation to find out what will be in the bag and what Pastor Buddy will say about it.


After the Junior Sermon, children through grade 3 can go to our "Second Hour" time to learn a lesson, do some crafts and play.

Sunday Sermons


We hope you enjoy these sermons below. We try to maintain the past couple months of sermons and bulletins for those of you who either couldn't make it to church or who are wondering about our church and what it is like. It is hard to tell by just what the Pastor talks about, but it at least gives you a small idea.


For those of you who are seeking, we invite you to step across the the threshold and experience the welcome of North Warren Presbyterian, the church with a welcome for all.


You will need Acrobat Reader to view the bulletins below. Click below if you don't already have it on your device.

July 22, 2018 - Worship Service
Like sheep we are fragile creatures, that is why God sent the Son, Jesus, to guide us as our shepherd.
Adobe Acrobat document [137.9 KB]
July 15, 2018 - Worship Service
We receive God’s blessings every day, blessings that are not only on us, but are extended to others.
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July 08, 2018 - Worship Service
A weakness can become a strength when we rely on God to see us through.
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July 01, 2018 - Worship Service
Sometimes it feels like the Lord has “put us on hold” when we need Him most, but just wait on the Lord.
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June 24, 2018 - Worship Service
Everyone goes through storms in life, but if we hold fast to our faith in Christ we can face any storm even when it feels like Jesus is “asleep.”
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June 17 2018 - Worship Service
The little things in life, like seeds, must be planted, cultivated, and allowed to grow, but when they do they can grow into great faith.
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June 10 2018 - Worship Service
We all have family problems, sometimes because our families don’t really know who we are. Jesus had such problems too, but that didn’t stop him in for filling his ministry here on earth.
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June 3 2018 - Worship Service
God has given us an all-surpassing treasure in the power we have in Christ through the Holy Spirit.
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May 27 2018 - Worship Service - Trinity Sunday / Memorial Day Weekend
The Trinity is important, because God is important! We worship a triune God: One God, Three Persons.
Adobe Acrobat document [120.8 KB]

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May 20 2018 - Worship Service
When the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples like a mighty wind it changed them in extraordinary ways.
Adobe Acrobat document [176.7 KB]

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May 13 2018 - Worship Service
On that first Ascension Day Christ’s disciples didn’t know what to think, but through the work of the indwelling Spirit of God we are empowered to be His witnesses to all the world.
Adobe Acrobat document [170.7 KB]

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May 6 2018 - Worship Service
Christ not only gives us a command to love one another, but he also gives us an example of how to live out our love.
Adobe Acrobat document [150.9 KB]

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April 29, 2018 - Worship Service
Jesus said that He is the vine and we are the branches, His Father prunes the branches so that they will produce more fruit. Do we need to be pruned?
Adobe Acrobat document [232.9 KB]

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April 22, 2018 - Worship Service
Some people have difficulty believing in the resurrection because they don’t want to have to deal with what it really means with regard to how they should live their lives.
Adobe Acrobat document [145.5 KB]

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April 15, 2018 - Worship Service
Ruling Elder Ken Bakewell speaks. Sermon is entitle "First Dig Two Graves."
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No Audio this week due to technical reasons.


April 8, 2018 - Worship Service
On Easter evening, the disciples shut themselves behind closed doors out of fear, but Jesus came to them and offered them peace in the presence of their fears, and put their trouble hearts at rest.
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April 1, 2018 - Worship Service
The resurrection fo Jesus Christ from the dead gives testimony to the fact that life is worth living for us and all our loved ones!
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April 1, 2018 - Sunrise Service
A breakfast sponsored by the Youth Group will be provided in fellowship Hall after the service.
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Since this service is in the pavilion, no recording was made.


March 29, 2018
Just before Jesus shared his last supper with his disciples, he first humbly took on the role of a servant washing their feet, telling them to practice humility and do like wise with one another.
Bulletin-2018-03-29-Maundy Thursday.pdf
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